I’m back…

from Paris… and a very private and inner voyage. Now i’m feeling much better, new born in fact. Ready to dive in my newfound life…feeling fresh and very happy! Come on, let’s get lots of laughterlines before we have our last laugh!

By the way i changed my lifestyle… less stuff, more light…. so i found it appropriate to change my blog-look too.

Long Time no see….

What do you think? With a house like this… no wonder… i got lost and they could’t find me for weeks…(fell into a moving box)

While captured in there, i thought about the tiny conflict the Scots have with the British… some seek for independence the other are not keen on letting them out of the great empire… what does the british lion thinks of it? Who knows?

der brit. Löwe

Home sweet Home

Our House

Our new home:

Pink Dream

(or will it be more of a nightmare en rose???)

Come with me

Come on in!

Atelier in futur

This will be my Atelier in Futur

( in about 5-7 years of building)

Luis 1

Luis has started school and likes our new home very much.

He has a room for his own now !

( Thank god, the ongoing dispute with his sister has minimized)


My new/old Studio

New Studio 1

My new Worktable and storage locker.

Lots of filing room …. at last!

New Studio 2

We called it: ‘the sarcophagus’.

Boy, it is so heavy we will never get that down again.

New Studio 3

My beloved lighttable!

New Studio 4

I really feared it could be damaged while moving but everything went great.

New Studio 5

Of course my lifeline to the WWW!

New Studio 6

And a lifelong dream is fulfilled:


Grrreat, for finding new ideas or overcome the blank-page-fear.